Where: Foyer
Where: Foyer

Akisuanerit Festival
It is the ninth year that the festival is held and as always, there is a lot of music to suit all tastes, ranging from old classics to modern music. The festival is organized by Atlantic Music in collaboration with Katuaq. The main sponsors of the festival Tuborg and Air Greenland are due to the festival to come together and together with local sponsors and collaborators, the program has again become big and, as something new, we have a program for the family this year.

On the program, we have something new and older in different genres ranging from hiphop to rock and pop and with several years of experiment, we have got MEW on the program.

Friday to suit all tastes
Friday evening contains some different music and Frederik (F) will open the festival. Frederik (F), who is already a famous face, released his solo album this year and he goes on stage alone before joining the Kimmernaq band with one of Greenland's very big song lyrics. Kimmernaq rarely holds a concert and with their band they will play both pop and rock. That night, we have the hip-hop veterans Nuuk Posse, who have 25 years anniversary on their first release 'Sussa Appinnagu', and after they returned a spectacular spectacle in 2015, we were in the festival to make sure we wanted them back in the program. Inneruulat rarely in Nuuk has been in the festival once 8 years ago and we can all look forward to their immortal music that is loved by a lot of people here.

Saturday Rocknight
It will be the first time that the rock band Siissisoq will be on stage for the Akisuanerit Festival and that is something we look forward to and they always deliver a solid concert and the band has proved that they are one of the few rock bands that have survived more than one generation. In the rock's characters we have more on the program this year and as a news, we have the band Secure Escape consisting of a trio that is a grunge rock band and it will be the first time they play for the Akisuanerit Festival. They had great success to Arctic Sounds earlier this year. Zikaza is also setting up this evening and as a solid name since the 80's, this evening, the rock is judged to suit all tastes.

MEW, which is a tour around the world, has never been to Greenland and we have been trying to get them with the last 3 years at the festival and now it succeeded. MEW, an alternative progressive rock band, has managed to write songs that have gone big hits and all MEW lovers each have their own favorites. They are known for their unique stage show featuring big screen graphics they have produced and along with a truly outstanding live band, there is promised entertainment in every minute of the stage. MEW has just played giant stadium concerts together with Coldplay in Sweden and The Killers in England and now the trip finally goes to Greenland and we are proud to bring them to the program..

Get in MEW atmosphere with some of their songs:


Am I Wry? No:

Comforting Sounds:

Sunday family concert
As a whole, there is also a family concert where Frederik (F) will entertain together with Nikolaj Lønstrup and Hinnarik, who all the children love. The concerts will be for everyone and we can thank Greenland Bank and Air Greenland in order to make it possible for concerts to be free so everyone has a chance to join.

We wish you all a good festival and look forward to seeing you. Festival tickets can not be returned and are subject to any program changes.

Akisuanerit Festival has main sponsors Tuborg & Air Greenland.

Other sponsors and collaborators:

Ulo rengøring
Sømandshjemmet Nuuk
Salon Puk
Nuup Bussii
Ice FM

Tickets can be purchased in Katuaq and Atlantic Music ApS and purchased tickets can not be refunded.