Kl. 19.00 - 22.00 - 12. oktober 2018


Thank you. You're welcome.THANK YOU. You´re welcome. Thank you (Guestperformance)

“Think about the moment, when you realize that the performance you were watching has just ended.  The lights are dimmed down, the performer has left the stage, it is silent. The applause has not yet started. Everyone in the audience is thinking the same thing - it has ended. You want this intensely silent moment to last forever. You are not sure where it started or who made the first clap, but it spreads fast and now everyone is clapping. And you are automatically doing the same. Everyone can breathe easier now. Your facial expression of watching a performance changes back to normal street face. You start to notice people around you. And you see that they start to move their bodies, exchange smiles and gazes. You still hear constant slapping of their hands. Some clap very loud, some like a princess. Everyone is united in the rhythm. Don´t break the system. Stay in the rhythm.  



Choreography: Karolin Poska
Sound design: Kenn-Eerik Kannike 

Light design: Ivar Piterskihh 

Dramaturgical support: Kaie Küünal 

Co-production: Kanuti Gildi SAAL 

FUBAR (Guest performance)

“Fubar is an unsualy personal dancetheaterpiece. The beginning of the show starts with a monologue where dancer Sigga Soffía tells the audience personal stories from her life as a dancer, deep feelings, fear, pain and joy. She tells different stories that are all connected in some way ending in a story of how she feared for her life during a terrorist attack in Paris. She talks about how time dissolves and animalistic nature takes over. Then the danceing starts, she joins musician Jónas Sen on stage where the start with a tai chi like dance, the dance escalates and she takes on new genres of dance, from classical ballet, to floorwork and a mix of sensual movements and cross fit exercises.


Choreographer: Sigga Soffía

Music: Jónas Sen

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