Katuaq employs approximately 50 staff in its five departments; the equivalent of 35 years of work each year. Katuaq has employees spread across the age range from 15-55, but the majority of our staff are towards the younger end of the age range. A number of students work afternoon and evening shifts in our reception area and shop as these are easy for them to combine with their studies. 

Working shifts in our cafe also offers an interesting opportunity to meet lots of people every day. The job is fun and challenging - no two days seem alike.

Katuaq employs many people in a wide range of different capacities on both day and night shifts. If you're interested in working for Katuaq, why not contact Katuaq by e-mail reception@katuaq.gl or phone +299 36 37 70 to hear about the opportunities available.

Katuaq also welcomes unsolicited applications which we keep until a suitable position becomes available.