Do you wish to showcase an exhibition in Katuaq, then please send an application to:

Event Manager
Jakob Søvndahl Skovaa
Phone No. +299 36 37 75
Mobile phone no. +299 54 71 94 

With the application we need:

  • Short description of the exhibition
  • Pictures of earlier work

From here, the exhibitioncommitee will asses if the exhibition meets Katuaqs with to convey exhibitions of high quality and varying styles of art in Greenland, the arctic and internationally.

The summerexhibition is an annual exhibition which is reserved for Greenlandic artists. This is Katuaqs way of elevating the Greenlandic art scene. The summer exhibitions are usually big and inhabit most of the hall and the backwalls of the venue "lillesalen".

Katuaq requires high quality artpieces in the exhibitions. They can be both retrospective and commercial.

Katuaq maps the required space for the exhibitions.

These are the foundations and  external cultural collaborators that Katuaq recommends:

Grønlands Selvstyrets tilskudsordninger

NAPA - Nordens Institut i Grønland


Kulturkontakt Nord