If you are a musician with interests in performing in Katuaq, please contact our musiccoordinator.

Kulunnguaq M-Motzfeldt 
Phone no. +299 36 37 92 
Mobile phone no. +299 52 71 55


The Maintenance Department are responsible for ensuring the optimal operation of all our technical equipment, so that plays, concerts, meetings, talks and conferences give the audience the experience they expect. In addition to providing technical assistance at our events, the Maintenance Department are also responsible for maintaining the building and our IT systems and for cleaning.

The Maintenance Department employs about ten people. Technical Manager Eigil Petersen can be contacted at eigil@katuaq.gl


To solve any sound technical task regarding big concerts, Katuaq provides the most modern sound equipment. We have:

  • L-Acoustic Kara & Arcs speaker system
  • Allen & Health SQ-6 digital mixerstand

The list of equipment for sound is found here


To solve any task regarding lights, Katuaq provides a big, modern lighting system.

The lighting system consists og many different lamps in different sizes and variants. We also have different lighting stands i differents sizes, lighting-rigs and tripods.

The list of lighting equipment is found here