The vision statement of Katuaq is: "Culture strengthens people". In this way we can strengthen individuals and society all together. Katuaq wishes, as the cultural centre of Greenland, to contribute to the variety of cultural expieriences available. 

The sponsorship

Katuaq supports the cultural expieriences that take place in Katuaq. This will afford you cheaper or free tickets to the events happening in Katuaq, arranged by Katuaq, or giftcards to Katuaq.
Katuaq does not provide economic support.

Applicants and evaluation

The applicants will be evaluated through these criteria:

  • Charital cases, that aim to strengthen people through cultural activities are prioritised
  • Projects with a cultural aim are prioritised
  • Institutions for children and youth are prioritised
  • Elders are prioritised

Katuaq does not sponsor: 

  • Applicants of commercial, religious or political character. 
  • School trips and similar trips

Applications process

  • Katuaq evaluates applications twice a year. The deadlines are
    • Febuary 1st 
    • May 1st 
    • August 1st
    • November 1st
  • Katuaq evaluates the applicants internally within the organisation
  • Applicants receive replies a weak after the deadlines.
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