Air Greenland and Katuaq work together to bring cultural experiences to and around Greenland. Air Greenland sponsor Katuaq's scheduled shows in Katuaq and their touring shows in Greenland. This sponsorship is highly valued by Katuaq; it allows us to raise the level and variety of culture available both in Nuuk and along the coast. NAPA, Sermermiut and Taseralik are also covered by the agreement. No separate ticket applications can be made to Katuaq, but Katuaq earmarks tickets for cultural partnership projects.

NunaFonden have entered into a three year agreement to subsidise Katuaq's shows in Nuuk and along the coast. The sponsorship will allow Katuaq to bring plays to children, young people and adults, both in Nuuk and other coastal towns.

Royal Arctic Line has entered into a three year sponsorship arrangement for the transport of exhibitions and sets, both across the Atlantic and around Greenland itself. The sponsorship makes exhibitions in Katuaq of works from Scandinavia and the rest of Greenland possible, and thereby helps to increase the diversity of Katuaq's exhibitions. It also helps to bring high-quality theatre to children, young people and adults in Nuuk and other coastal towns.

Katuaq also has a three year sponsorship agreement with NAPA which allows us to bring Scandinavian theatre, dance and music to Greenland. The sponsorship increases the diversity of the shows that Katuaq puts on and helps bring the latest in Scandinavian performing art to Greenland.

Katuaq also work with Voice of Greenland by using radio spots and interviews with artists to publicize the arts.