Prices in KatuaqBio:

Normal movie 105,-
3D movie 115,-
Childrens prices: (0-10 years old)  
Normal movie
3D movie 85,-
Børnefilmsklub (Childrens filmclub) 35 ,-

The childrens price only applies for childrensmovies and movies suitable for children.

3D glasses kr. 20,-

Burgermenu & movie

2D movie  255 ,-
3D movie 

265 ,- 


Refunds and changes of seats cost a 10,- fee pr. ticket


When a movie is forbidden for children under 11 or 15 years of age, the children can enter with an adult.


KatuaqBio does not allow cellphone usage in the cinema, becuase the signal disturbes the soundsystem. Cellphone usage disturbes other guests, so make sure to turn it off during the movie. 


If you buy candy in the candyshop, then open the bags before the movie starts, to avoid unnecessary noise.

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