September 15th 2023
Open for everyone
Free entrance

We are the band Avûna and there are 5 of us in the band.

  • On drums: Filemon Steenholdt
  • Bass: Inoqut Kristensen
  • Piano: Hansinnguaq Lennert
  • Guitar + vocals: Angutimmarik Fleischer
  • Guitar + vocals: Angutitsiaq Kristensen.

We have been playing together for almost 5 years and finally this year we have started recording our music, you can expect us to release an album during the year.

Today it's only the 3 of us playing because we want to try playing our songs acoustically.

The genres we play are pop/indie rock and alternative.

Sponsors: Grønlandsbanken, Bank Nordik, Brugseni, Tusass, Royal Arctic Line, Air Greenland

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