Saturday may 20th


Brunchconcert in Katuaq

Free entrance

Nunatta agiartartogatigiivi is Greenland's string orchestra, which has a desire to get more students started playing the string instruments violin, viola, cello and double bass.

String lessons are now underway in Nuuk, Kullorsuaq and Aasiaat. In the period from May 16 - 22, the association holds a Classical Festival in Nuuk with the aim of spreading classical string music in Greenland.

There will be guests from Uummannaq, Aasiaat, Kangerlussuaq and Kullorsuaq, Denmark and Italy, playing together with the strings from Nuuk. The conductor, Italian Damian Iorio, will work with the students and guide the orchestra through lovely music. It will be a great experience for the participants to take part, and the audience can enjoy wonderful music performed by talented young musicians together with their teachers.

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