A night with the female artists from HUN SOLO and Nina Kreutzmann Jørgensen and her band.

What is HUN SOLO?

Five unique Nordic artists in one unforgettable concert experience with HUN SOLO. The award winning concert concept HUN SOLO is touring in Greenland for the first time. Experience solo performances with iconic Swedish indie queen Jenny Wilson, beloved Danish pop artist Soleima, Greenlandic/Islandic singer- songwriter Thelma, Danish producer and vocalist Sitrekin (former vocalist and songwriter from Blue Foundation) and Danish electronic pop artist Nana Jacobi.

Since 2016, HUN SOLO has been shaking up the music industry with their award-winning concert concept, record label and music network. With a mission to create a more equal gender balance in the music industry, HUN SOLO celebrates the art of female and non-binary artists and provides a platform for them to connect and collaborate. With over 100 different artists, ranging from international names like Madame Gandhi and Eivør to up-and-coming musicians, HUN SOLO brings together a diverse range of music genres, ages, and ethnicities. But it's not just about the music – HUN SOLO is on a mission to inspire the next generation of female and gender minority artists, showcasing inspiring role models and promoting the conditions for female musicians.

At a HUN SOLO concert, you can expect a unique experience unlike any other. Five female or non-binary artists each take the stage to play their own unique solo set of about 20 minutes. To promote and support as many talented artists as possible, HUN SOLO refreshes the lineup with every event.

HUN SOLO's extraordinary efforts for Danish music have not gone unnoticed. HUN SOLO has been granted several awards, including GAFFA's award of Honour ‘Tak Rock Prisen’, the ‘Ethel Prize’, and the Danish Musicians' Union's ‘Ildsjælspris’. HUN SOLO’s concerts have been held at both large and intimate venues, and they've even represented Denmark and Danish culture at two major events in Pakistan in 2018.

Join the movement and experience the magic of HUN SOLO – your ears and your soul will thank you.

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  Thelma Kajsdóttir        Soleima          Jenny Wilson         Nana Jacobi        Sitrekin 

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