Sitrekin is the solo project of singer, composer and producer Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjærg, known as founding member and former vocalist/songwriter in the award winning Danish band Blue Foundation.

She is the voice behind the multi million streamed song ‘Eyes on Fire’, featured on the USA Grammy nominated soundtrack of the first ‘Twilight Saga’ movie. ‘Eyes on Fire’ has, over the years, achieved cult status worldwide.

Sitrekin launched in 2021 with the debut single ‘Open Chest’ that went straight to A-rotation and #1 on Danish National radio DR P6Beat (equivalent to BBC6) and got international attention.

KEXP, one of the most influential American radio stations for alternative music, airplayed Sitrekin in 2022 and DJ Kevin Cole featured Sitrekin’s vinyl on his personal instagram profile.

Sitrekin’s music has been endorsed by sound/tech gigant Dolby Labs to launch their new 3D sound format Dolby Atmos at their press events in London (2021) and Copenhagen (2022)

She is one of the first Danish artists to embrace the new 3D sound format. Sitrekin is currently working on her forthcoming debut album that will be fully released in Dolby Atmos.

She taught herself music production, and produces all of her own music.

In October ’22 Sitrekin played her headliner debut concert at a packed Hotel Cecil, and she ended the year 2022 by opening for Mercury Prize winning alt-J at their arena concert in KB Hallen in front of 4000 people.

‘Sitrekin’ is an anagram of ‘Kirstine’ and consists of the Danish word ‘sitre’ (quiver) and the English word ‘kin’ (family, clan).