Soleima is currently promoting her upcoming Danish-language album "Nationens Skrammer" (The Nation's Scars), which was written during a period when Soleima's life was put on hold and she had to acknowledge that pauses are a part of the journey. The standstill provided space for transformation in all its manifestations, and with the upcoming album, Soleima has found a new version of herself - a more organic, hand-played, and lively version - but she has also found a home in the Danish language.

The singer and songwriter - whose real name is Sarah Mariegaard - started out in 2006 as part of the Aarhus-based hip-hop collective Flødeklinikken. In 2015, she released her own music for the first time under the stage name Soleima, and two years later she won the talent prize at P3 Guld. Until now, Soleima has released English-language music and established herself with the album "No. 14", which received heavy radio airplay, as well as two singles that landed as "Ugens Uundgåelig" (The Inevitable of the Week) on P3.

Soleima is also currently participating in DR's "Min Sang Til Danmark" (My Song to Denmark) and "Toppen af Poppen" (Top of the Pops), where she enchants contestants and viewers with her distinctive vocals and honest interpretations.