Enjoy an exclusive expierience as a Katuaq lounge guest at one of our concerts at Katuaq. A night full og good music and extraordinary service!

Sit back and relax in your lounge, where you can spend time with your friends, to have a night, you will not forget.
You will get:

  • An exclusive lounge for you and 11 of your friends
  • 1 bottle of spirits - choose between gin, vodka or rum
  • Choose between: 6 x 0,5L soda, 2 jugs of applejuice, 2 jugs of orange juice, lemon slices, lime slices or cucumber slices
  • Access to the Katuaq lounge -bar
  • Access the a Katuaq lounge  washroom
  • Own wardrobe
  • Access to venue 1 hour before everyone else
  • A designated Katuaq lounge - waiter, who regularly checks that your needs are met
  • 2 bowls of chips
  • Icewater 

Avoid wasting time, and spend you time on what you enjoy! 

Choose between these lounges:

  • venskabssal 1
  • venskabssal 2
  • trekanten

Max 12 people pr. Katuaq lounge

The Katuaq lounge package is a additional purchase, which means all the VIP guests have to buy a normal concert ticket, before buying access to the Katuaq lounge .

Price: 3.000,- 

This package can be bought at the front desk in Katuaq.

Choose VIP for your next concert expierience!