Where: Foyer

November 3rd 2023
Doors open: 20:00
Price: 300 / 350 by entrance
Age limit: 18+


Nanook, who rarely performs concerts in Nuuk, have gained a wide repertoire over the years, so there will be handpicked from the 5 released albums when they take the stage in Katuaq's foyer.

With 15 years on the field as a band, the musicians have been around more than most up here which has turned into a total of 5 studio albums. Two of the albums are award-winning albums, and in 2017 the band was nominated for the Nordic Music Prize for the international activities and critically acclaimed albums that had been released. In addition to several tours around Greenland, the band has performed on large and small stages outside of Greenland; The Kennedy Center in Washington DC in (US), O-West in Tokyo (Japan), Roskilde Festival (DK) and Iceland Airwaves Festival (ISL) to name a few of the more exclusive places. Back in 2016, the band got a record deal with Japan's third largest record company, which subsequently resulted in 3 tours around Japan. Since then there have been tours in Canada, Spain, Taiwan and the Nordic countries. Despite the fact that the band only sings in Greenlandic, Nanook has sold 25,000 physical copies of their CDs and vinyls, and with more than 5 million streams on various platforms, the band, in addition to the home audience, has gradually gained more and more fans abroad. The band plays for Ole Kristiansen on Friday 3 November and with several well-known older and new songs you can look forward to a very special concert.

Find some new songs here:

Ole Kristiansen

Since 1989, Ole Kristiansen has released a total of 8 albums, the last released album was released in 2021 (Qilaatinga)

Ole Kristiansen with band (Ole Kristiansen band) has toured in Greenland since 1990 and has performed in major Danish festivals (Roskilde festival and Rock 'n Europe, etc.) Ole Kristiansen has received several awards over the years, including the koda award (As the first recipient in 1991) and honorary award in 2009. Since 2015, he has been included in Kraks Blå book.

Since the first publication, several generations have followed Ole Kristiansen's text/song universe, which is new poetic in its expression.

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