Visual electronic concert for everyone

Show: 8 July 2023

Hans Lynge Hall

Nipi Uummartillugu is a concert created in collaboration with young people interested in music. The electronic musicians Andachan and Hans-Ole Amossen (Da Bartali Crew) will, together with the talented singer and musician Jensia, involve the young people in the production of the music.

Nipi Uummartillugu wants as many people as possible to experience music that comes to life with the help of light and projections. For the concert, the young talented musicians will be at the center. It will deal with the emotions that the young people go through in their everyday life and with a selection of their stories, they will bring the music to life.

Sponsors: Napa, Grønlandsbanken, Bank Nordik, Brugseni, Tusass, Royal Arctic Line, Air Greenland

Eqqumiitsuliornermik aningaasaateqarfik, Tips & lotto pulje C, Julemærkefonden

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