August 12th 2023
Place: Inersuaaraq
Free entrance
Open for everyone


10 Arctic artists

10 Arctic songs

10 Arctic communities

One Pan-Arctic vision


Pan-ArcticVision 2023 streamed from Vadsø (NO)

The arctic has always been extreme.

All the wild, beautiful and impossible things happen up north.

Now, we wish you welcome to a new grand experiment -

10 arctic artists from 10 arctic communities (from Alaska to Greenland to Båtsfjord) come together to perform10 arctic songs for an amazing arctic audience -

Nothing like this has ever happened before -

Join us with a raised fist for a new vision of the Arctic -

Let´s unite the North in song!



Looking at the world map, one can get the impression that the Arctic consists of a few scattered white dots at the edge of the world; unconnected, unimportant, uninhabited. In reality, the territories and peoples situated in the North are connected, both geographically, culturally and politically. They share the same historical and geo-political starting point: They are all part of modern nation states running north to south, with the capital situated in the south. The political power is located in the south, the economical power is located in the south, the power of definition is located in the south.

In the Arctic, most communication and contact is oriented within the nation states - north to south. The connection east to west is limited, not least today, when the current international situation has returned a political divide to the Circumpolar North. Both political and cultural institutions of cooperation, likte the the Arctic Council or the Arctic Arts Summit, are out of function, borders are closed and there is an international boycott of Russia.

The Arctic territories also share one more important experience: Not being able to participate in international arenas like the Olympics, or the Eurovision, under their own flag. All in all, there is a dire need to strengthen the cooperation and contact between the peoples and territories of the Circumpolar North.

Pan-ArcticVision is a respons to this need; a new initiativ with a stated goal to join together people across the arctic, both indigenous and non-indigenous, to sing together, to built Pan-Arctic identity and community together, to strengthen local empowerment together. Pan-ArcticVision is welcoming all statements, lyrics and flags - under its slogan: Pan-ArcticVision - song, community, independence!

Pan-ArcticVision is both an art project and a sincere attempt to use the tools of art to change common sense and unite the North. The very first edition is taking place in the village of Vadsø (NO) at 69 degree North, and online, at August 12, 2023, in cooperation with the music festival Varangerfestivalen.

Only time will show if this can become a reoccurring event, a conceptual nomad moving through the Circumpolar North. This yet unexplored possibility is adding a utopian dimension to the project, an extra layer that further expands the vision of the Pan-Arctic through time and space.

Participants from Kalaallit Nunaat, NUIJA


The producers

Pan-ArcticVision is conceived and made happen by NORDTING - The Northern Assembly, an artist run peoples movement for artistic empowerment of the Arctic.



Hege Pålsrud

Phone: +47 952 69 965

Artistic director:

Amund Sjølie Sveen

Phone: (+47) 95106322

Produced in cooperation with:

Varangerfestivalen, Vadsø (NO)

In partnership with:

- Anchorage Museum, Alaska (AK, US)

- Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse (YU, CA)

- Music Yukon, Whitehorse (YU, CA)

- Katuaq, Nuuk (GL)

- Nordens hus, Føroyar (FO)

- Hiljaisuus ry, Kaukonen (FI)

- Pikene på Broen, Kirkenes (NO / RU)(contact to Russian exile artists)

Supported by:

- Norwegian Arts Council

- Nordic Culture Fund

- Nordic Culture Point