Towards No Earthly Pole – Perceptions on climate change from the Alps to Greenland


Join us for a presentation of the film "Towards No Earthly Pole" by renowned Swiss artist Julian Charrière and exciting presentations from inspiring Swiss and Greenlandic scientists to discuss the impact of climate change. This event will not only display the speakers' achievements and discoveries but also encourage a meaningful discussion on how we live with climate change and how we can mitigate its impact. In many ways, Switzerland and Greenland share the same challenges.

Date: Thursday, April 20th 2023, 17:00h – 18:45h

Place: Katuaq, Lillesal

Free entry

The event will be held in English with translation into Greenlandic



  • Clip from the film “Towards No Earthly Pole” by Julian Charrière
  • Statement by Julian Charrière
  • Welcome by a representative of Swissnex
  • Panel moderated by Josephine Nymand, Chair of Greenland Research Council
  • Geologists Eva Mätzler and Jonas Petersen (Government of Greenland) on Karrat Fjord rockslide monitoring
  • Dr. Jürg Schweizer (WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF) and postdoc Marco Mercer (Arctic DTU) on avalanche forecasting and mitigation, and sea ice and glacier monitoring
  • Reception and Networking
  • 19:00h: Screening of the movie "Towards No Earthly Pole" in its entirety (104min)

Picture: Julian Charrière – Towards No Earthly Pole, 2019, film stills (copyright by the artist)

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