• Katuaqs Lillesal
  • Free event
  • Age of participation 0-17 år
  • From 16 - 17:30
Mitaarneq is a Greenlandic tradition which usually takes place on the day of the 3 wise men.
There will be a costume competition with prizes. 
Katuaq invites you to a costume competition celebrating Mitaarfik.
The different competition criteria will be:
1. Quilertanarneq: The scariest costume
2. Aalallaqqinneq / Qittarinneq: The one who moves/dances best
3. Isumasiullaqqinneq: The most creative costume
NunaFonden, NAPA, GrønlandsBANKEN, Bank Nordik, Brugseni, Tusass, Royal Arctic Line, Air Greenland
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