Since our debut album in 2001, our band has become known, with the lyrics ´Soorlu pavanersuaq´ ´Rap-itoqaq´ and ´Ilinnut tunniussara´ the playing style is more based on reggae. The next album was released in 2013 with `Nunarsuup illuani', and lyrics 'Nunannguami maani', 'Nunarsuup illuani' and 'Utaqqiuassavunga' are the hallmark. The melody is more calm, although the lyrics can have heavy thought-provoking wording.

In our young days we have had many musical musicians with whom we have played in other cities. That's why we have many musical friends, but here in Nuuk we play with: Ove Mørch drum, Kasper Mathiesen lead guitar, Malik Andersen bass, and Kali Mathiassen acoustic guitar and vocals.