VILJE[later me now] (Guest performance)

“PLUSKVAMPERFEKTUM presents VILJE [later me now]

Selma devoured life with the big spoon. It was not enough. Then she went in with the fork, then the knife... Now she thrives in the realms of death, between all and nothing, reliving the traumas and dreams of her being, in eternal cycles.
Vilje [later me now] is a solo performance portraying Selma and her last take on the urges of life. The making of Selma has been deeply inspired by the character of Lady Macbeth. All the bad has already happened. The Lady is dead, and she is transcending into her own limbo. In this space between life and death her ambitions and regret are still dominating yet detached from the world they no longer make any sense...
The character is decomposed into energies, movement and figures on stage. Her existence ends while her spirit is confronted with its essence.”
Supported by Fond For Utøvende Kunstnere, Norway.


Performance and concept:Sonja Salkowitsch

Music:Ipso Schaltwerk

Mentoring director:lava Inozemcev

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