Video event on September 29th

Grammy winning vocal ensemble Theatre of Voices and the internationally acclaimed recorder player Michala Petri would have had a concert in Katuaq Culture House in Nuuk, Greenland, on 22nd September - the autumn equinox. 

Because of ever-changing flights and Covid-19 restrictions we had to cancel and brought our suitcases full of percussion and new nordic vocal music commissioned by us to Sdr. Asmindrup Church in Denmark instead.

We filmed the concert for our audience in Nuuk, but you are all welcome to enjoy it!

Greenlandic composer and flute player ARNANNGUAQ GERSTRØM used her experience with and spontaneous emotional relation to a set of seemingly purely scientific terms for snow and ice from the Scott Polar Research Institute ‘Illustrated Glossary of Snow and Ice’ as her starting point. 

Theatre of Voices has just commissioned a new piece from Arnannguaq.

The program has toured in Faroe Islands, Iceland and Denmark, and we thank everyone involved over the past two years!




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