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Head of Acting School
A performance that uses the artistic process to understand being a woman and a human being. “The performance speaks to our hearts and to their personalities." "Uummatiga Qaarpoq" - An Evening of Monologues is a student production based on feminine/ feminist monologues. Directors Najattaajaraq Joelsen and Elisabeth Heilmann Blind have woven these monologues, into a 50 - minute presentation created as a celebration of women and womanhood. Enjoy!

Najattaajaraq Joelsen is an actor from the National Theatre. She has performed in several production, since finishing school and she has been the instrumental in the creation of this performance. 

Scenograf & Costumier
This production has been an artistic collaboration between Director Elisabeth Heilmann Blind Camilla Nielsen, Najattaajaraq Joelsen and the students on the scenographical expression and costumes.


Director:  Najattaajaraq Joelsen & Elisabeth Heilmann Blind
Script: Ilinniartut Ilitsersuisullu /The student ensemble and the directors 
Lights: Ejlert Knudsen
Scenography & costumes: Camilla Nielsen; Elisabeth Heilmann Blind, Najattaajaraq Joelsen & students
Tailor: Nina Motzfelt Jensen & Alyona Køhler
Music & Sound: Hans Ole Amossen 
Song: Ole Kristiansen 
Producer: National Acting School of Greenland
Sponsors: Tips- og Lottomidlerne, Sermeq Puljen and Air Greenland


Students in National Acting School in Greenland 

Kuka Fleischer

24-nik ukioqarpunga, Uummannami inunngorpunga nuummilu najugaqarlunga, isiginnaartitsisartunngorniarlungalu atuarpunga.Isiginnaartitsisunngorniarneq uannut isumalerujussuuvoq. Timera nipera misigissutsillu inuiaqatigiinnut tunniussaqarsinnaaninnut atortussaagakkit ilinniarfigaakka, pikkoriffigigakkillu toqqangaraara.

I am 24 years old, born in Uummannaq and live in Nuuk as I attend Actors' School. It really means a lot to me. During education, I am learning how to use my body, my voice and emotions so that I can give something to my fellow citizens, and I chose that as I am good at it. 


Camilla Ramsøe Mølgaard
I am a first - year student at the Acting School of Greenland and I’m a singer. It means a lot to me to go to this school, this is a big opportunity for me because going to this is one step closer to my dream.


Anna Elionora Rosing
My education at Greenland's National Acting School is very important and interesting to me, I love it because it challenges me and because I learn so much as a person.

Aviana Steinbacher
I am an acting student at Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia, the National Acting School of Greenland and I am a dancer. I am born in Nuuk, Greenland and I am 19 years old. I want to be an actor because I love that I get to play all these different characters. And when I have worked really hard with something, then getting on stage and have this kind of adrenaline rush I love it. 

Malu Lynge
I am 22 years old and I am born and raised in Nuuk. I am on my second year on The National Theatre School. Performance, singing and acting has always been a part of me, so I am grateful that I get to do what I love.


Kuluk Helms
I’m a passionate actor with a love for poetry, play and physical theatre. I have a Masters in Acting from East15 in England and am currently training and growing as an actor and a culture bearer at Nunatta Isiginnaartitsinermik Ilinniarfia. In the future I dream on being part of Greenland’s theatrical landscape, creating theatre for all of us both here in our country and bringing our theatre out into the rest of the world.




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Thank you: Elisabeth Heilmann Blind, Mariane Petersen, Jessie Kleemann, Cecilie Jakobsen, Ole Kristiansen for your inspiration