Katuaq is a favorite place for exhibition by artists from Greenland and Scandinavia etc. Katuaq holds about 7-9 exhibitions a year which mainly consists of art exhibitions with art from Greenland or art related to Greenland, the Arctic Countries and Scandinavia. Katuaq's exhibitions are situated mostly behind the small Scene.

Below you can read more about the upcoming exhibitions.

Exhibitions in 2018

Art exhibition 11th January - 21st of February
Tasiilaq 8th of March - 11th of April
KIMIK 26th of April - 3rd of June
Art School in Greenland 15th of June - 22nd of June
The Weather Diaries 3rd of August - 6th of September
The future belongs to us 13th of September - 18th of October
Malînánguaq M. Mølgaard  8th of November - 6th of December

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