After finishing the final exam, 5 students in 2022/2023 from the art school graduate, we celebrate this according to tradition in Katuaq's foyer on June 9 at 16.30 with a screening.

The art school has a one-year basic education.

Among the subjects taught are the following:

Learn drawing, learn about colours, use of water colours, use of acrylic paint, design/sculpture, production of pottery, printing, Mixed Media, production of picture frames for use at exhibitions.

The trained lecturers are, among other things, from the following countries:

Greenland, Denmark and Sweden.


  • Annika Lynge from Nanortalik, 21 years old
  • Mathias Østergaard Madsen from Nuuk, 21years old
  • Tupaarnaq Lynge Johansen from Nuuk, 22years old
  • Pipaluk Lyberth from Nuuk, 20 years old
  • Kristiane Mikaelsen from Tasiilaq, 23 years old
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