The exhibition reflects upon the suppressed and in the colonization process prohibited or even annihilated languages of Kalaallisut, Sámi, Inuktitut and Ainu, including the loss of one's mother tongue as a result, all of which generated consequences that we are still struggling with. Thus, an important aspect of this exhibition is that it will be in Kalaallisut, South Sámi and Ainu, making them majority languages in this context, speaking directly to these peoples.

Tomas Colbengtson is an artist of South Sami descent. He was born in the small Sámi village of Björkvattnet, Tärna in northern Sweden. Tomas works with Sámi culture in particular, and indigenous cultures generally. He investigates the identity, the history and the contemporary situation of indigenous peoples. Moreover, Tomas explores images, colors, and forms found in Sámi culture and the northern and arctic andscape.

Tomas Colbengtson often experiments with combinations of media (photography, screen printing) and materials (glass, metal). He has developed new ways to print directly on overlay glass. He also works with screen-print on metal, with etching, and with digital art techniques.

Colbengtson exhibits internationally in solo and group exhibitions and has produced public art works in Sweden and Finland.

2018-19 Artistic Director and Curator of “Indigenous Traces/Urfolksspår”, Indigenous Artist Recidence, Granö, Sweden

2018 Public work: “Tsïegle”/Vägvisaren/Pathfinder, Satsfjäll, Saxnäs, Sweden. Commissioned by Konstvägen Sju Älvar

30/11-4/12 2017 Artistic Director of the conference ”The Colonial Heritage" with Sámi, Greenlandic, and Ainu artists, at the Ainu center & Sapporo university, Sapporo, Japan

2016-17 Leader of glass workshop, Urban glass studios, Brooklyn, N.Y. USA

2015-18 Curating a series of exhibitions with Faroe Island, Greenland, and Nordic artists

2015 Curator of ”Vaapsten Bijre” - Sámi Art and duodji, Ájtte - Museum of Sámi Culture, Jokkmokk, Sweden

2014 Curator of ”Konstfack”, Augueli Museum, Sweden

1998-2008 Resident Artist at KTH Royal School of Technology Stockholm, working

with visualization of art.

  • Since 2008, Lecturer in Fine Printmaking at Konstfack - National College of Art Craft and Design, Stockholm,
  • Member of the SDS/ The Sami Artists Union, 

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