June 27th - august 30th 2023
Exhibition opening:  june 27th 2023 - 16:30
Free entrance

Ivínguak` Stork Høegh (b.1982) edits digital images and juxtaposes traditions from the Inuit culture with the modern citizen of the world. She strives to show ruthlessness and ferocity, gentleness and sensitivity at the same time. Ivínguak' edits existing photos - and uses the rest with permission from the rights holders. She often uses walls, fences, violent and cracked surfaces as backgrounds. She herself claims to like rough things. On her trip around the city - in Nuuk and in big cities - she takes close-up pictures of, among other things, brick surfaces. Political messages in relation to She will show topics of debate in society using edited photos. Ivínguak` draws inspiration from rappers as they address taboo topics such as addiction, alcohol abuse, suicide or political irresponsibility and apathy. Her edited photos are also about cultural identity; Who are we and where do we come from? Ivínguak` Stork Høegh is educated at the Art School in Nuuk, Aarhus Art Academy, trained Media Graphic and Motion Graphic in Aarhus/Copenhagen.

“Qasapi under a positive light”

I like to find opposite angles. Therefore, with the title "Qasapi under positive light" you have to imagine a sometimes rough life together with him despite, at times also being an easy life, happy and funny existence in the back of your mind while working on editing photos. – Ivínguak´Stork Høegh

Sponsorer: Napa, Grønlandsbanken, Bank Nordik, Brugseni, Tusass, Royal Arctic Line, Air Greenland

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