September 7th - Oktober 7th 2023
Vernissage: September 7th 2023 -16:30-17.30
Open for everyone
Free entrance

For the exhibition Havet/Imaq, NUKIGA has asked a number of Greenlandic artists to interpret the sea as a theme in their art.

The exhibition contains a great diversity both in relation to how the artists have related to the theme and in their form of expression itself. The many artists work in such different media as sculpture, photography, painting and graphics. Some relate to the role of the sea in a Greenlandic prisoner society and draw on myths and legends from Greenlandic culture, while others relate to issues of identity, climate change or big politics.

With the exhibition, NUKIGA wants to give an image of what modern Greenlandic art is and to show the versatility of the Greenlandic art scene. It is also the ambition to contribute to giving Greenlandic artists better access to the Danish art market.

The artists:

  • Aka Høgh
  • Bolatta Silis Høgh
  • Buuti Pedersen
  • Naja Abelsen
  • Inuuteq Storch
  • Ivinguak’ Stork Høgh
  • Maria Bach Kreutzmann
  • Miki Jacobsen
  • Paninnguaq Pikilak
  • Lisbeth Karline
  • Karl Petersen
  • Jukke Rosing
  • Oline Binzer
  • Kristian ”Nuunu” Rosing
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Sponsors: NUKIGA, GrønlandsBANKEN, BankNordik, Brugseni, Tusass, Royal Arctic Line, Air Greenland
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