• "It was with regret that I, as chairman of the board of Katuaq, received the announcement that Katuaq's current director, Arnakkuluk Jo Kleist, has chosen to resign from his position. In the 5 years Arnakkuluk was director of Greenland's Cultural Center - Katuaq - great development has taken place in cultural life in Greenland. But the covid 19 crisis has also been challenging for Katuaq, which after all 'lives for bringing people together for good experiences, but we suddenly werent able to bring many people together at once. With Arnakkuluk as director and the many good employees we have, Katuaq has luckily come through the economic crisis challenges that the corona exposed us to. On behalf of the entire board, I would like to thank Arnakkuluk Jo Kleist for her great efforts in the last 5 years she has been director, and wish her the best of luck in the future", says Katuaq board chairman Juaaka Lyberth.

Arnakkuluk Jo Kleist became director of Katuaq on 1 June 2018, and came from a position as Communications Director at Tele-Post. And before that she was deputy head of the AWG2016 project.

  • "It has been a good and exciting year in Katuaq, with important collaborations, major renovations and lots of cultural activities. It has also been challenging and instructive years, with a cultural life in great development. I have decided that it is time for me to seek new paths, and the fall is a good time for someone else to take the helm. Until then, I will of course continue to work for Katuaq and cultural life, says Arnakkuluk da Jo Kleist.
  • "I am grateful for my time as director of Katuaq, with talented employees who are proud to work in and for Kulturhuset Katuaq. The employees' efforts make all the difference to what is lifted by large and important events in society", concludes Arnakkuluk Jo Kleist.

Katuaq's board will soon be in charge of recruiting a new director.

On behalf of the board of Greenland's Cultural Center Katuaq, Juaaka Lyberth, chairman of the board.