The first ever PanArcticVision will happen Live on Stage in Vadsø, North of Norway, August 9th 2023, and be streamed to audiences and jurys across the Arctic.

PanArcticVision is:

  • a new project for building arctic artistic community and strength
  • a friendly exhibition of Northern music and northern realities
  • a projection of arcticpower, pride and independencein an artistic context

Together with our local partner KATUAQ.

We are looking for a musical participant representing Greenland.

We welcome proposals for songs and artists:

  1. The work of music could be a song, tune, rap, chant, composition… - whatever can be performed live on stage by yourself (and possibly some more people). Time limit is approx. 4 minutes.
  2. Even if this event is named PanArcticVision, we are NOT looking for your typical «Eurovision-song»: The PanArcticVision is about the local cultures of the Arctic; how they are similar and how they are different. We welcome local languages, local musical cultures and local fusions of styles. We want lyrics concerning local and northern issues, and feel free to include political topics. We are looking for professional contributions, but there are no limitations on style, age, orientation or worldview - and the avantgarde is of course included. Please surprise us!
  3. Because participants must travel over long distances, and this is costly in the Arctic, the hardest limitation is on the number of people taking part. It you are a solo artist, it´s easy. We can also manage a duo. But if you are more people; lets talk! (maybe we can find local guest in Vadsø for you to work with - or maybe we can look for additional funding for travel together).
  4. Proposals should include recording of the musical work/song you want to contribute (or a description of an idea together with examples of music you have already made). We also need a few photos and information/background about yourself and why you want to be part of this event.
  5. Incoming proposals will be assessed by a panel combining local competence and the producers of PanArcticVision (the panel might chose an artist directly, work in dialogue with one or more applicants, or invite artists to apply).

What can you expect if you become The Chosen One:

  1. Travel to Vadsø (at 69 degree North, in Finnmark, Norway) to perform a work of music for a live audience on August 9, 2023, as part of Varangerfestivalen. The event will be streamed across the Arctic.
  2. Contribute to a collaborative musical number together with other participants (how this will be practically solved, we have to figure out…)
  3. Take part in an introduction video to present yourself and your hometown/community/area. The video will be filmed by a local crew.
  4. Join a social program a couple of days around the event in Vadsø. You should be ready for travel by Aug 5 at the latest, and expect to travel home no sooner than Aug 10.
  5. Travel, accommodation and food is paid for by the arranger (limited to a total of 2 people). You are guarantee a fee of total 1500 euro for each team  (we are working hard to provide more, but that´s what we can promise for now)
  6. You are given a unique opportunity to build Arctic collaboration and network, to be exposed to a hopefully broad international northern audience, and to be part of a unique travel expierience.
  7. And last but not least: The PanArcticVision is an artist-run initiativ. We work together with a great, but small, festival in an arctic community of six thousand people. This is the first time we try this out. It will be a great endeavor, but with everybody's help we will manage to pull it off and launch a great vision for the Pan-Arctic!

«If you want to win fortune and fame and a golden first prize, I would recommend you to look elsewhere. But if you are ready for new adventures, building the arctic community, meeting new friends and colleagues, if you want to challenge the understanding of the North, play with the idea of what a musical competition can be, if you want to share your music and to bring power, pride and independence to the North - then the PanArcticVision is the perfect place for you!»

-  Amund Sjølie Sveen
artist & musician
leader of NORDTING
initiator of PanArcticVision

PanArcticVision is organized by NORDTING / The Northern Assembly and produced in cooperation with Varangerfestivalen in Vadsø. The project is funded by Arts Council Norway and others.

Send your application to to be considered.

!! deadline March 14th !!