5. August 2018

Family workshops, concerts and activities are on offer again this year. The event is in collaboration with Qooqqut Nuan.
The family gathering place – Qooqqut Festival is held for the 4th year in a row and this time during the summer period on Friday 10 and Saturday 11 August 2018. Family workshops, concerts and activities are offered again this year. The event is in collaboration with Qooqqut Nuan.

Music has always been part of the festival and this year the festival already starts on Friday afternoon with music and entertainment. This year, musicians from Canada, the Faroe Islands as well as locally from Greenland have been invited, so there is something to look forward to.



It has always been important to Katuaq as organizers that participating families can have the opportunity to experience something together as a family, which is why we are again offering family workshops during the festival. These will take place on Saturday 11 August. The program is still being prepared and will appear later on Katuaq's website, Qooqqut Festival's Facebook page and Katuaq's Facebook page. This year, families with children of all ages have been thought of again.


Transport and tent spots
This year, Katuaq is not collaborating with Royal Arctic Line, as the festival has moved into the high season, so that participants can look forward to a warmer period in Qooqqut. This therefore also means that guests who come and participate in the Festival must arrange their own transport to Qooqqut.

There are tent pitches in Qooqqut, which we refer to, for guests who wish to sleep in a tent during their stay. If you need help locating the seats, you are welcome to contact employees wearing yellow vests on arrival.


  • Children's workshops with theatre
  • Qajaq rowing, balance exercises for Qajaq and lectures about Qajaq are organized in collaboration with Qaannat cattuffiat
  • Stomp and children's songs are organized in collaboration with Dida G Heilmann
  • Artworks are made in collaboration with Susanne Jensen and Lisbeth Lings
  • Make your own little decorative charms in collaboration with Lydia Lerch
  • Inuit & This Games
  • Mask dance
  • Qiyuk
  • Drum dance by Nuka Alice Lund
  • Drum dance at Inngertartut Peqatigiiffiat


For further information contact
- Event coordinator Camilla Høg by email: camilla@katuaq.gl or phone 36 37 92
- Event manager Varna Marianne Nielsen by email: eventmanager@katuaq.gl or phone 36 37 74
- Event coordinator Jaqqa Petersen, e-mail: eventcoordinator@katuaq.gl tel. 36 37 75


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