A free event for everyone with an interest in Greenland's culture, society and history.

In 2018, Katuaq began a series of events focusing on traditional Greenlandic culture. These events were centered around an overarching theme that stemmed from Greenlandic culture. The theme was rooted in the past, linked to the present and extended towards the future. The choice of themes was made in collaboration with Nunatta Katersugaasivia.

Ileqquvut functions as a platform that aims to convey the rich Greenlandic culture. Greenland has a deeply traditional cultural heritage, which is developing in many different directions today. The modern Greenlander can often experience challenges in trying to define this culture, and therefore it is important to delve into the traditions and customs of the past. This makes it possible to gain a deeper understanding of the present and create a solid foundation for the future.

The nature of the events is flexible and can include lectures and presentations that lead to debate and the involvement of the audience. The duration of these events is typically 1.5 hours. Katuaq ensures that as many people as possible can participate and benefit from the event through simultaneous interpretation.


Ileqquvut sponsors
The online streaming of the events is sponsored by NunaFonden.


These events usually take place in Katuaq's Lillesal, but will also be able to be enjoyed by people outside of Nuuk.

One of the goals of Katuaq, Greenland's cultural center as a whole, is to reach out to the Greenlandic population in different ways, regardless of where they are in the country. This goal is often realized through tours with musicians or theater performances.

Streaming has opened up entirely new possibilities for sharing knowledge and cultural heritage. By streaming the 2023 Ileqquvut events, people could follow directly from their own computers or phones, allowing the entire country to enjoy the events. Katuaq also encouraged other institutions and community centers throughout Greenland to show these broadcasts so that citizens in the various towns and villages can take part. This gives citizens with limited access to the internet the opportunity to participate, discuss and debate the events afterwards


We are grateful that this was made possible by NunaFonden.

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