1. September 2023

In the last few art and culture seminars, held by Naalakkersuisut, Ivaaq Kriegel has participated as a presenter on art and culture, including the importance of immaterial culture. Thus, Ivaaq Kriegel has a broad network of art and culture actors, both at home and in the Nordics. He is an avid recreational hunter and fisherman, and is a member of the board of the recreational hunter association NTPAP in Nuuk. Finally, Ivaaq Kriegel has a great passion for Greenlandic food and for taking pictures, which can be seen through his exciting Instagram posts.


Chairman of the board of Katuaq, Juaaka Lyberth states:

"We are very happy that we can employ a professionally strong person who has thorough knowledge of contemporary Greenlandic art and culture, both in theory and practice, and who is also a strong communicator, also through social media. As a teacher in Ilisimatusarfik, Ivaaq Kriegel has a good knowledge of work processes in a collaboration that leads to the realization of one's goals. Ivaaq Kriegel also has good knowledge of Nordic cooperation through the positions of trust he holds, besides he is strongly interested in improving cultural cooperation with Arctic parts in Canada, Alaska and Chukotka. Katuaq is entering its next 25 years and we have to start anew, so to speak. Therefore, the board - in collaboration with the employees, the founders of the foundation, the network of users, sponsors and the audience - is preparing a new strategy and action plan. The board believes that Ivaaq Kriegel is the right person to lead the upcoming process and of course be at the head of the entire Greenland House of Culture - Katuaq", says Juaaka Lyberth, chairman of the board of the Katuaq Foundation.


The next CEO of Katuaq, Ivaaq Kriegel, states:

“ I am very happy and proud to be given the position as CEO of Katuaq. Art and culture is something I am passionate about and teach in my work as a study assistant in Ilinniarfissuaq/Ilisimatusarfik. I believe - or rather - I believe that I can fulfill the board's and all of Greenland's expectations of me in the work I now have to start. It is a huge privilege to be CEO of Katuaq. In the renewal process we are now about to embark on, I imagine that we must also enter into new cooperation agreements with Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq and Naalakkersuisut - our founders and main grant givers - and of course with the other municipalities - so that Katuaq's activities can better reach other cities and settlements throughout Greenland. So in this way we strengthen art and cultural life throughout Greenland. We must also think more about contemporary communication platforms, and think 'food and culture' into Cafetuaq with 'pop-up restaurant' events. So it is a very exciting time that we are entering and I am very much looking forward to starting my new job", says Ivaaq Kriegel.


Ivaaq Kriegel takes up his position as of September 1, 2023.


Chairman of the board Juaaka Lyberth: E-mail: siulersuisut@katuaq.gl, mobile number 499459/542981

Ivaaq Kriegel: Email: ivaaq@katuaq.gl