Over a period of three years, adventure photographer and director Lasse Rahbek has been riding along The Sirius Patrol, to document their harsh and fascinating reality.

What is it like filming in -32 degrees and getting frostbite? To ski next to one dog sled and sleep at the foot of the tent? Always standing ready with the camera when everyone is tired and pressured?


The DR1 documentary 'Sirius' had already been seen over 1. million times, which is unheard of for a series of this type. In the lecture, he shares his insights about living and filming under extreme conditions, and he shows behind-the-scenes clips from a wonderful world - where conditions are harsh and survival is always the 1st priority.


During the lecture, pictures and film clips are shown, and afterwards there is plenty of opportunity to questions. Lasse Rahbek is also behind TV successes such as 'The Last Latitude', 'Nul Stjerner' and 'The Hunt for the Hidden City'.

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Silarput - spring exhibition by Kimik

Silarput is this year's title of the Greenland Artists Association Kimik's spring exhibition. Silarput has several meanings: our weather, our sanity, our world order, and not least our air spirit.