15. May 2018

The board is very satisfied with the positive result, despite the anniversary year last year with many great anniversary events, managed to come up with a nice positive result.

The positive result is primarily due to an ongoing accounting overview and more income for virtually all departments, mainly for Cafetuaq in particular.

Katuaq is also off to a good start with the 2018 plans, where some of the new strategy has been implemented. The new initiatives such as intimate concerts in Cafetuaq, new cultural events about Inuit traditions, dance performances and lectures on Greenlandic topics have been well received.

Many thanks to the owners, sponsors and not least the employees of Katuaq for your great contribution and effort in 2017.


For further information, please contact:

Anna Heilmann

Chairman of the board of Katuaq

Email: anh@knr.gl

Mobile: 555145